October 07, 2011

La pâtisserie

Near the campsite I discovered a wonderful patisserie!!!
I went there for my lunch everyday!!

I rented a motocross and every afternoon I rushed to the pâtisserie
There was a very nice girl working there....Madeleine

Everyday she helped me pick my luch...
I just couldn't make a choice!! 

And when it was quiet at the shop,
she joined me on the terrace and we talked! 

And one day...she pushed me in the shopping cart!!
We had so much fun!!!  

We didn't always understand eachother...
but we were meilleurs amis  
It was really hard saying goodbye to her....
but we keep in touch thanks to internet

Before I went, I bought a lot of delicious food at Madeleine's shop!!! 


BiWuBär said...

No surprise you make friends so easily, you're such a nice and funny little bear. But we wonder - maybe you shouldn't show these pictures to your friend Bas... ;O)

Flutterby + Birgit

Jollie said...

Zo zie je maar E-Beertje wat je al niet op vakantie tegen kunt komen ;-)

Liefs Jollie