September 04, 2011

Summer holiday 2011- Paris

Bonjour mes am back

I'm glad to be home again, but oh là là,
what a wonderful time did I have in la douce France!!!
I will first tell you about the day we spent in Paris!!!!
What a beautiful city!!!

We walked from our hotel to the subway
and near the Notre Dame we got out again!
When we crossed the Seine we saw the beach of Paris
with these wonderful sandsculptures!!!

Then we walked to the Notre Dame!
M-tje wanted te climb the tower,
but there was such a long queue,
we decided to skip the tower!!
M-tje was a bit dissaponted  

We walked around the Notre Dame
and then we went looking for a letterbox.
When we crossed the Seine the bridge was covered with hundreds of locks!!!
Most of them are placed there by sweethearts as a sign of their everlasting love....
 Well...I have nothing more to say about that, but I did like how it looked
But I don't think it would be as nice if every bridge was filled with so much locks!

But let's go on..the letterbox!!!
We found it!!!!!

They made a very nice stamp of the Conciergerie!

After finding the letterbox we walked to Centre Pompidou...
I don't like that building at all,
but the fountain next to it is funny!!! 
After a well deserved tea-break we walked to palais Royal to look for another letterbox.
On the way we saw this peculiar Metro entrance...
 At Palais Royal it was so crowdy,
we couldn't get to the letterbox!
But nearby was another the Louvre!
And that one we did find!!!

And then..I saw the Eiffel Tower!!!
After an icecream at Palais Chaillot,
we setteld down in the grass next to the Eiffel Tower. 
I enjoyed le vin...l'eau...le pain...I was in no hurry at all!!!  
But after a while we went on to Jardin de Luvembourg,
where we rested in the shade by this beautiful fountain! 
After a quick meal at McDonalds we went to the Sacre Coeur,
to look for another letterbox,
but the kids were so tired....
they didn't want to look anymore!
So we walked upstairs and downstairs again.
Got on the subway and went back to our hotel! 

It was a wonderful day!!!
Our holiday is already a succes


BiWuBär said...

Ah, finally... it's about time for you to blog again, we missed you! So nice to read you've had a wonderful time in France, your pictures are fantastic. And we see you've learnt a lot about "savoir vivre" - bread, wine and water... what else could a little bear ask for? Exept for honey... (Flutterby, stop that shouting of "Strawberries"!) We're looking forward to your next holiday reports!

Flutterby + Birgit

miniacollection said...

Great photos of Paris!

Gonda said...

Prachtige foto's E-beertje, je hebt veel leuke dingen gezien, dat met zand is wel heel bijzonder mooi gemaakt.