May 19, 2011


I was playing with my new binocular M-tje had given to me.
It ws wonderful....
I could look miles away!!

But then.....
I saw something!!!

Let's take a closer look!!!

Ooooh..someone is drowning a little fish!!
I have to get over there!!

What are you doing????
Bullying little fish???

Noooooo...this is Seb, my petfish!
He wants to learn to swim,
but he's a little bit afraid,
so I'm holding him with the fishing rod!
Look...he can let go anytime he wants to!!

And... while the little guy said that
the fish jumped right into E-beertje's arms! 
E-beertje wanted to apologize to the little guy..
so he looked him in the eye....
when suddenly.... if lightning struck!!

euh...h h h hi....I'm E-beertje...w w w who are you?

I'm Sebastiaan, but you can call me Bas if you want to

Hi Bas
My beach cabin is right over there...
do you want to come over and have a drink with me???

I would love to, E-beertje!!!

And so the 2 walked over to the beach cabin!! 

Pearl and Cirrina started hugging little Seb immediately,
but he didn't mind  

And E-beertje showed Sebastiaan in to his beach cabin...
and I left them alone 

Later on, E-beertje came to talk to me!

M-tje....I really like Bas!!!

I noticed sweet boy
But I'm feeling a bit bad too....
I'm feeling guilty towards R-beertje
Oh, sweet's already 2 years since you have heard of probably won't hear from him ever again!!! He even could be.....well, let's not go there right now
No-one can be crossed with you for having a new friend.....enjoy it little bear!
But the feeling is not the same M-tje....and I will never forget R-beertje!!!
But you don't have too sweet boy....
I will never forget him too!
But that's no reason not to enjoy other wonderful things in life!
Go....back to Bas!!!
I have a story to write

Hugs, M-tje and E-beertje

(picture lightning
I chose the name Sebastiaan for the little Nella doll
because I love the character Sebastian Flyte from the series Brideshead Revisited.
Sebastian Flyte is played wonderfully by Anthony Andrews.

How can I not love such a man....
carrying his teddybear Aloysius everywhere he goes


miniacollection said...

The little Sebastian is too cute.

BiWuBär said...

What's that... we heard some dramatic music in our heads... something like the theme from "Love Story"... (LOL). You're really a fast guy, E-beertje, taking Bas right to your cabin for a drink immediately after meeting him... ;O) M-tje is right, take your chances, have fun and enjoy...

Flutterby + Birgit