January 25, 2011

Octeville-sur-Mer day 2

(May 2, 2010)

Bonjour mon amis!
While I'm writing this report,
I'm enjoying my first French baguette!
I slept wonderful last night,
but we were very tired of the trip!
There wasn't a good bed for me here,
but a clean sock of Jasmijn was a wonderful sleeping bag for me!
Today we will take it a bit easy...
the weather seems to brighten,
so maybe we will take a trip somewhere this afternoon!
The sun is beginning to shine

But this morning I had all the time to explore our temporary home!
When M-tje took a shower,
I went with her in the bathroom and saw this egg!!! 
M-tje didn't know what it was for,
but when we opened it,
I got a wonderful idea!!! 
So while M-tje was taking a shower...
I was relaxing in a wonderful tub!
it's a shame Z-beertje didn't came along,
we could have bathed together...side by side!

in one of the many windowsills I saw this little village...
no-one was home...
or do you think they were afraid of a big bear like me?

I had to think of Jody when I met this Belle!
She didn't talk very much...
was a bit snippy...
so I left her there on her high spot!

Looking to the neighbors...always fun to do
The house has many of these little windows and little corners!

Wow, what an...euh....impressive washbasin

I think the owners of this house must be very rich...
they have golden faucets!!!

M-tje discovered that the globe can be opened!!!
Very handy to put stuff in
 I think there will be more reports from me this week!
But for now....
à bientôt!!!

Hugs, E-beertje

1 comment:

Jollie said...

Wat een prachtige vakantie plek!!
Zo leuk dat e-beertje het huis even laat zien terwijl M-tje aan het douchen was :)
De wastafel met gouden kraan is wel erg sjiek hoor ;)

Liefs, Jollie