January 03, 2011

E-beertje's books

(February 8, 2010)


Oh M-tje...could you help me open the packages...I'm so curious!!!

Wow...a letter!
hey, it says there's a present too!!

look...my birth card on tiles!
That's so sweet!
And a sweet poem!

a hug here
and a hug there
on your cheek, on your ear
No, wait a minute
I'm not ready yet
I think you are so sweet
so a few hugs on your nose

oooooooh, that's sooooo sweet.
May I hang those in my hobbyroom?

Of course, it's your present!

Freubs send us 12 books with E-beertje's stories, in 1/12th AND in 1/24th scale!!!

 And we got each an album with real pictures!

Look M-tje, they fit perfectly in my bookcase!
I sanded my floor really good and the first layer of stain is on...
so may I please take a break and read my books?

Of course silly bear!
Take the afternoon off and enjoy your books!

Okay...I will start with the first book, the birth of E-beertje!
That's quite a while ago!
Do you remember my birth M-tje?

Sweet boy, it is almost 1 year ago you were born!
And yes, I remember like it happened yesterday

Thank you Freubs, for the wonderful books!!!

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BiWuBär said...

What a wonderful present... but of course a nice bear like E-beertje deserves nice gifts... ;O)

Flutterby and Birgit