January 05, 2011

Dollshouse fair Drachten

(February 13, 2010)

Today E-beertje and I were on the dollshouse fair in Drachten.
E-beertje took his house with him
and to fill the table a bit more,
I took some of my miniatures and miniature scenes!
But the little bear got most of the attention

E-beertje got a beautiful red rose from Hanny!
Before the visitors came, Geitje and E-beertje had a good conversation!
After that all the nerves were gone!

His house looked wonderful!

Here, E-beertje meets a new friend!
It's a Nella-doll, she lives with Kootje now.
Her name is Toosje and E-beertje and Toosje became best friends immediately!
Toosje is the sweetest of Nella's knitted dolls I have ever met! 

A few minutes later Geitje and Piggelmee came to visit also.
They had a lot of fun in E-beertje's house!

But the grown-ups enjoyed themselves also!!!
On the left you can see Rob,
he's not quite sure if he wants to be seen with those silly women!
Then there is Kootje, Sjoukje and Clari, they are looking for legs for Clari!
And even Hanny wants to be in the picture!!!

We met Elly for the first time and she brought a gift for E-beertje!
I wasn't quite sure if I would dare putting the photo here LOL

E-beertje received a stash of contraceptives!!!
E-beertje thought it was very nice of Elly to be so concerned for his health
and he would put it away somewhere safe,
so he would not be without if he ever needed them

The Valentine card he received from Elly was very sweet! 

My children Jasper and Jasmijn were with us the whole day!
They were very sweet the whole day.....
maybe because I showed them what I would do if they didn't listen......
Ah, they were sooooo sweet.... hahahahaha

E-beertje's table with some of my stuff
In the afternoon it became a bit more quiet
and E-beertje wanted to see more of the fair!
He immediately became friends with this panther by "Woody Bears".

And at the stall of our neighbor Hanny he relaxed in her Valnetine corner!
It looked so romantic!

Hanny's plants looked really good also,
E-beertje immediately made a list of some flowers for his garden.

At the stall of Anita (Priegelwerk) he had a nice talk with the two witches made by Anita!
The were much less scarier then Hortensia!

At Alex her stall (MiniPotpourri) E-beertje met a familymember of R-beertje.

And after a dive in the beautiful ribbons
at the stall of Ineke Dijkhuizen,
we went to see the competition table.
They were just announcing the winner of the Valentine competition!

I didn't win,
but E-beertje was very proud that I won second place
with my not-so-traditional Valentine scene!!!

 At Woody Bears, we met 2 sweet little bears who wanted to come home with us very much!
The red bear is a bit afraid and the black one is a bit anxious also,
but together with E-beertje they allowed me to take their photo!

It was a wonderful fair.
Standing next to Hanny and her daughter Hillie made it a very enjoyable day
and it is always nice to meet so many friends you most of the time only "see" online!

With love, E-beertje and Margriet


Heleni said...

Wat een schitterende foto's Margriet en het verhaal is ook prachtig. Je hebt inderdaad 'model'kinderen ('t zal ook wel eens anders zijn haha)

groet Heleni

BiWuBär said...

Looks like loads of fun!!!

Flutterby and Birgit

Ascension said...

Que preciosa fotografias.
Una bella historia.
besitos ascension