December 07, 2010

E-beertje in the button box

(February 1, 2010)


What's up, sweet boy?

Why is this box standing here??

It contains all my loose buttons, you nosy bear!

What are you going to do with all those buttons M-tje??

I wanted to see if I could get any inspiration for the KvdM!

Huh??? KvdM?? What's that???

KvdM means "Knutsel van de Maand".
Every month Jody has an assignment for those who want to participate.
She gives us a list with materials and with them we have to make a miniature!
I never made a KvdM, but this time I wanted to try!
You have to use a button and you may use 3 other things!

Maybe you can use this one, M-tje??'s a funny little button, but I haven't got a clue what I could make of it!
Hey...I have an idea!!!


Why don't you pick out a nice button and make the KvdM!!!
I have lots of other things to do and it feels it only becomes more instead of less

Yes, that will be fun, M-tje!!! I will start with looking for nice buttons!

These are the ones I like best M-tje...
now let's think about what I could do with them!

Good luck sweet boy!

Thanks M-tje 

A few hours later



It's finished M-tje.
But I forgot to photograph the parts I used!

That's okay, we'll search for similar parts and put them with the finished KvdM in the picture!

Wow, you're so smart M-tje

Euhm.....what did you make E-beertje???

A stool M-tje!! For in my house!!!
Now all I need is a laptoptable and then I'm satisfied
I made it with a soft button, a ring, another button and the backside of a button!
Did I do well M-tje???

It's wonderful E-beertje!!!!

Look....all the way down is the other button!

And if you look at it this way..... can see the whole construction!!!

I'm proud of you little bear!!!

Minihugs, M-tje and E-beertje


Unknown said...

Todo vale para sus fines. Hoy ha conseguido un buen taburete.
Besos Clara

BiWuBär said...

E-beertje, you're a true artist - great idea, little bear! ;O)


Marta said...

Que gracioso tu osito me encanta. Besos

Ascension said...

Que genial taburete, seguro que esta muy contento.
besitos ascension