October 11, 2010

E-beertje's house

(September 26, 2009)

I'm busy with lots of things :-) But that's what makes this hobby so enjoyable!
I made the floor for the bedroom in E-beertje's house. i made it with cardboard, because I didn't have any suitable wood at hand and because I like to keep it simple LOL
The floor is a bit old and worn looking, but I like it!!
I went over it with white chalk to give it even more an old look!

I want to make an fireplace in the bedroom (makes it so cosy!)
and E-beertje would love a dressing table (he's a bit vain ;-))
And the room beneath the bedroom hasn't been done yet, but well...it will someday...we're not in a  hurry :-)


Eva said...

Thanks for being a follower of my blog. I love old floor too :)

Ascension said...

Me ha encantado encontrar tu blog.
besitos ascension

Margriet said...

Thank you Eva for following mine ;-)

I'm happy you found me Acension..I will visit your blog soon!