October 17, 2010

A dressing table for E-beertje

(September 28, 2009)

Today I made a dressing table for E-beertje.
O dear, I hope he won't be sitting all day for the mirror...he is a bit vain ;-)

Next to the large chest of drawers there will be a door that will "lead" to the attic.
And I want to make a comfy armchair!

So..the door is finished and in his place!

OMG, what a pigheaded bear it is!!!
He's very happy with his furniture, but.......he didn't like how they were placed in his bedroom!
Well..after some moving, we finally settled on this arrangement and I must say, it looks very nice this way ;-)


Ascension said...

Me encanta la habitacion y la disposicion de los muebles, seguro que esta muy feliz.
besitos ascension

Margriet said...

Gracias Ascension :-)

Hanny said...

:-) Ja, dat vind ik ook! En vain? Maybe a mini (1:24)little vain...