April 27, 2012

Welcome and goodbye

About a week ago...
when the sun was shining...
I was walking in the garden....
enjoying the sunbeams on my fur
and looking at the nice flowers

 After a while I reached an open space
and just when I wanted to sit down and rest a bit....

I was surrounded

"Are you E-beertje", they asked.
And when I said I was E-beertje,
they told me they were traveling for some time now
looking for a nice home to live.
Smeone they met on the way told them
they should come to me,
because "E-beertje doesn't send anyone away"

O dear

Well.....I took them home of course! 
And drinking a cup of hot chocolat makes thinking a lot easier!!!
I explained them that my house really was full already!
Of course they could stay the night!
But tomorrow they had to travel further!
But I had a plan!!!!
I knew my good friend Flutterby was building a new house at this moment,
so he probably had room for a few new friends!

 So the next day....
I wrote a letter to Fluby asking him for his help.

And after a final big hug... 

M-tje helped me packing the little critters safely for a long trip! 
And then we send them to Germany,
trusting that Flutterby would give them a good home!
After a few days M-tje and I received the wonderful news
that they all arrived safely
and of course Fluby said they could all stay!
(As long as they keep far from his strawberries...
Fluby loves his strawberries!!! )

And looking at this photo... 
They feel right at home!!
The little bear at Flutterby's lap is called A-beertje by Flutterby.
A is short for Aardbei (strawberry in Dutch!)
Isn't that cute???

And now I'm going to ask M-tje
if she finally is going to finish my cuddle-room!
Maybe then I can have a new friend too

Hugs, E-beertje

I already have a new friend,
shhhhhhh don't tell M-tje!
She bought some dragons made by Nicky
and also a cute little bunny!
Well...the bunny is mine now

M-tje can have the skull back.
He's scary!!!

M-tje bought him last weekend at the museum Corpus.
That's a wonderful museum about the human body,
where you make a trip through the body!!

I will keep the little sea urchins skeletons 
M-tje found on the beach near Den Haag!
They are so small...
the smallest is 2 mm!!!

Once again....
Big hug, E-beertje

(ps the little bunny is made by my talented friend Nella)


Ascension said...

He visto que Fluby ya esta con los nuevos amigos que le has mandado, son preciosos, seguro que seran muy felices con Birgit.
besitos ascension

Nicky CC said...

So glad to hear E-beertje has made some wonderful new friends, its such a shame they couldnt stay longer but I am sure they will soon love their new home! Wonderful creations xxx

BiWuBär said...

It's about highest time you're showing up to blogland again, little buddy - I really missed you, and Birgit did so, too. I'm glad and proud you've been thinking of me and trusting me to give this little folk a loving new home - and of course I will!

Flutterby - and greetings from Birgit, A-beertje and the rest of the gang

Anonymous said...

I love that sense of humour! New follower!

Fabiola said...

Fluby has nice new friends.
The little bunny is very sweet.
Bye Faby

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It can be difficult to remember when looking at these photographs that you are actually seeing a miniature.