January 03, 2012

Quarter scale houses

I'm working very hard!!!
M-tje wants to finish her quarter scale houses (she has 4!!)
and she asked me to help her.
She reckons my little paws are much handier
with these small scale than her enormous human fingers

First we finished the Yule Tide-house.
The only thing left to do were the shingles,
so I cut rows and rows of shingels.
And glued them on the roof!

M-tje did the painting,
she's always a bit afraid my fur will become dirty

Isn't it a lovely little house??? 

Then we started with the shop box kit
and the living quarters on top of the shop!
We forgot to take photos!!
This is the only one,
where I hang the sign in place!

The house is almost finished,
we only have to put the floor in place! 
And the house needs a bit of aging!

M-tje received some packages with the mail today!
The sweet little girl and hare are made by Nella!
The little teapot M-tje gave to me came from Nicky's shop,
she also purchased 3 dragons,
but I'm sure she will show you those herself!
And I have a new pet..
the little frog got into the cage by himself,
so he can get out too if he wants to

Hugs, E-beertje


Fabiola said...

The houses are lovely. Beautiful gifts.
Bye Faby

Maria Ireland said...

The houses are beautiful. I love the little girl and hare. Cute frog.
Hugs Maria

BiWuBär said...

M-tje is so lucky to have you as her little helper... you may be a little bear, but you're a BIG support! ;O)

Flutterby + Birgit

Lisette said...

Leuke huisjes en jij boft met M-tje!!